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Title: Propuesta de guía de administración de medicamentos para cuidadores de pacientes con diagnóstico de enfermedad de Alzheimer
Authors: Cuéllar Ortíz, Haider Antonio
Caicedo Daza, Stefany
Advisor: Urrego Novoa, José Ricardo, dir.
Keywords: Alzheimer;Medicamentos;Tratamiento;Interacción
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Esta investigación busca diseñar una propuesta de una guía de administración de medicamentos para cuidadores de pacientes con diagnóstico de enfermedad de Alzheimer para generar nuevos conocimientos y reforzarlos mediante una capacitación a los cuidadores sobre la correcta manipulación, adecuación de los mismos utilizados en esta enfermedad.
Description: Alzheimer's is a chronic and progressive disease that specifically affects the neurons of the cerebral cortex, causing loss of cognitive functions. There is not yet a confirmed cause of the disease, but there are several theories that have been studied to understand it and thus generate an adequate pharmacological treatment to delay the progress of the disease. Alzheimer's disease being a disease that affects the elderly population has two main problems, the first is that they are patients with a polypharmacy and care must be taken in the interaction between the drugs and the second is that having loss of cognitive functions they need a caregiver to carry out the common activities, one of them is the administration of the medicines, where in most cases the people in charge of this function do not have the adequate knowledge for the correct administration of the same. The present work of degree manages to propose and create a tool of training and of continuous learning towards the caregiver for the correct administration of the medicines thus avoiding the possible MRI (Negative Results to the Medication) caused by the different PRM (Problems related to Medications) .The methodology used was based on two interviews, the first one of semi-structured non-standardized type and the other of structured type, in such a way that in the first one the parameters that would be included in the guide and in the file of each one were generated. medication, while in the second, evidence was provided of the effectiveness of the Guide created and proposed where favorable results were obtained with which its viability could be concluded.
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