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Title: Topological properties and in vitro identification of essential nodes of the Paclitaxel and Vincristine interactomes in PC-3 cells
Authors: Delgado Carreño, Claudia
Méndez Callejas, Gina Marcela
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Delgado-Carreño, C., Méndez-Callejas, G. Topological properties and in vitro identification of essential nodes of the Paclitaxel and Vincristine interactomes in PC-3 cells (2019) Biomedical Journal, 42 (5), pp. 307-316.
Series/Report no.: Biomedical Journal;Vol.42, No.5, Oct 2019, páginas 307-316
Abstract: Background: Microtubule-targeting agents (MTAs) disrupt microtubule dynamics, thereby inducing apoptosis via mitochondrial pathway activation through the modulation in the expression of the Bcl-2 family. Methods: To describe topological features of the MTAs networks associated to intrinsic apoptosis induction in p53-null prostate cancer cells, we predicted and compared the interactomes and topological properties of Paclitaxel and Vincristine, and thus, the essential nodes corresponding with the pro- and anti-apoptotic proteins and their kinetics were subjected to experimental analysis in PC-3 cell line. Results: The essential nodes of the apoptotic pathways, TP53, and CASP3, were identified in both, Paclitaxel and Vincristine networks, but the intrinsic pathway markers BCL2, BAX, and BCL2L1 were identified as hub nodes only in the Paclitaxel network. An in vitro analysis demonstrated an increase in BimEL and the cleaved-caspase-3 proteins in PC-3 cells exposed to both treatments. Immunoprecipitation analysis showed that treatments induced the releasing of Bax from the anti-apoptotic complex with Bcl-2 protein and the role of BimEL as a de-repressor from sequestering complexes, in addition, new protein complexes were identified between BimEL or Bcl-2 and cleaved-caspase-3, contributing data to the Vincristine network for p53-null cells in response to MTAs. Conclusion: The differences in sensitivities, protein profiles, and protein complex kinetics observed between the drugs confirmed that the selectivity and stimulation of the apoptotic system vary depending on the cell's genotype, the drug used and its exposure period.
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