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Title: Calidad de vida de cuidadores informales de personas adulto mayor
Authors: Zapata Dusán, Rossi Jeidi
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Bogotá : Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales, 2019
Abstract: Population aging is a challenge for the society of the 21st century, the impact and complications that occur as the age progresses not only affects the elderly but also impacts on the quality of life of those responsible for their care,affected called informal caregivers. Objective:Describe the quality of life of informal caregivers of the elderly. Methodology:bibliographic review was carried out in databases such as Sciencedirect, Clinical Key and Taylor & Francis applying inclusion criteria such as articles made in 2009-2019, scientific articles, articles related to health sciences and open access, obtaining a sample of 50 articles about the quality of life of the informal caregiver of persons of legal age. Results:the following categories were definedbased on the sample obtained: sociodemographic characteristics, perceptions and dimensions of quality of life. Conclusions:the quality of life of informal caregivers of older adults is a broad topic that should be addressed fromspecific groups and with qualitative research.
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