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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) projectHudson, Lawrence N.; Newbold, Tim; Contu, Sara; Hill, Samantha L.; Lysenko, Igor y otros doscientos
2019Trees and shrubs of the tropical dry forest of the Magdalena river upper watershed (Colombia)Romero Duque, Luz Piedad; Rosero Toro, Jesion H.; Fernández Lucero, Mateo; Simbaqueba Gutierrez, Andrea; Pérez, Caterinne
2017Professional development of university educators in ESD: a study from pedagogical stylesCallejas Restrepo, María Mercedes; Blanco-Portela, Norka; Ladino-Ospina, Yolanda; Tuay Sigua, Rosa Nidia; Ochoa Vargas, Kenneth
2019Molecular evolution of the VacA p55 binding domain of Helicobacter pylori in mestizos from a high gastric cancer region of ColombiaGutiérrez Escobar, Andrés J.; Bravo, María M.; Acevedo, Orlando; Backert, Steffen
2019Self-care stances, relations and significance of high blood pressureHiguera Dagovett, Elkin; Garzón, Dora Isabel
2019Occurrence and molecular characterization of Giardia duodenalis in child population from ColombiaAvendaño, Catalina; Ramo, Ana; Vergara Castiblanco, Claudia; Bayona, Martín; Velasco Benitez, Carlos Alberto; Sánchez Acedo, Caridad; Quílez, Joaquín
2017Use of the sabila (Aloe vera) in the muscular regeneration in an equineRojas Salazar, Gustavo Adolfo; Rodríguez Betancourth, Camila; Jaramillo Gómez, Diego Alberto; Virgen Luján, Marco Antonio; Valencia Hernández, Andrés Felipe
2017Assessment of Pasteurella multocida a lipopolysaccharide, as an Adhesin in an in vitro model of rabbit respiratory epitheliumGallego, Carolina; Romero, Stefany; Esquinas, Paula; Patiño, Pilar; Martínez, Nhora; Iregui, Carlos
2017Presence of fungi associated with bacteria in an equine guttural pouch in Florencia - CaquetaGonzález Agudelo, Jairo Andrés; Méndez Cardozo, Libia Andrea; Franco Mejia, Lizeth Vanessa; Sánchez Arevalo, Diana Cristina; Valencia Hernández, Andrés Felipe
2017Synthesis of new 1,2-diaryl[2]benzopyrano[3,4-d]imidazol-5(1H)-one derivatives mediated by ceric ammonium nitrateRodríguez, Ricaurte; Vicentes, Daniel E.; Cobo, Justo; Nogueras, Manuel
2017Use of Intellectual Property in the Tourism SectorLis-Gutierrez, Jenny Paola; Gaitán Angulo, Mercedes; Moros, Maria Andreina; Lis-Gutierrez, Melissa; Viloria, Amelec
2017Antiproliferative activity of chloroformic fractions from leaves and inflorescences of Ageratina gracilisMéndez-Callejas, Gina; Rodríguez-Mayusa, Jeanet; Riveros-Quiroga, Myriam; Mahete-Pinilla, Kelly; Torrenegra-Guerrero, Rubén
2017Preciado, Bibiana. Channeling to industrialize. The domestication of the Medellín river in the first half of the 20th century.Sánchez-Calderón, Vladimir
2017Changes in the avifauna of a relict forest in the Peri-Urban area of Bogota throughout fourteen yearsRosselli, Loreta; De la Zerda, Susana; Candil, Jonathan
2017Anatomical variations of the aortic arch in a sample of Colombian populationRojas, Manuel; Muete, Wilson; Quijano, Yobanny
2017Biological Aspects and Developmental Evaluation of Leucanella nyctimene1 Fed with Three Species of PlantsCotrina, Yarith Juliana; Arévalo, Helbert Adrián; Zenner de Polania, Ingeborg
2017Quantification of two isomeric flavones in rat colon tissue using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographyWhitted, Crystal L.; Palau, Victoria E.; Torrenegra, Rubén D.; Rodrigez, Oscar E.; Harirforoosh, Sam
2017Semi-empirical quantum evaluation of peptide – MHC class II bindingGonzález, Ronald; Suárez, Carlos F.; Bohórquez, Hugo J.; Patarroyo, Manuel A.; Patarroyo, Manuel E.
2017The Effect of Trabeculae Carneae on Left Ventricular Diastolic Compliance: Improvement in compliance with trabecular cuttingHalaney, David L.; Sanyal, Arnav; Nafissi, Navid A.; Escobedo, Daniel; Goros, Martin; Michalek, Joel; Acevedo, Pedro J.; Pérez, William
2017What Is Known about the Immune Response Induced by Plasmodium vivax Malaria Vaccine Candidates?López, Carolina; Yepes Pérez, Yoelis; Hincapie Escobar, Natalia; Díaz-Arévalo, Diana; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 152