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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mood rhythmicity is associated with depressive symptoms and caffeinated drinks consumption in South American young adultsPereira Morales, Angela J.; Casiraghi, Leandro P.; Adan, Ana; Camargo, Andrés
2019Thymic Microenvironment Is Modified by Malnutrition and Leishmania infantum InfectionLosada Barragán, Mónica; Umaña Pérez, Adriana; Durães, Jonathan; Cuervo Escobar, Sergio; Rodríguez Vega, Andrés; Ribeiro Gomes, Flavia L.; Berbert, Luis R.; Morgado, Fernanda; Porrozzi, Renato; Mendes da Cruz, Daniella Areas; Aquino, Priscila; Carvalho, Paulo C.; Savino, Wilson; Sánchez Gómez, Myriam; Padrón, Gabriel; Cuervo, Patricia
2019Exploring the nature of the H-bonds between the human class II MHC protein, HLA-DR1 (DRB*0101) and the influenza virus hemagglutinin peptide, HA306-318, using the quantum theory of atoms in moleculesAray, Yosslen; Aguilera García, Ricardo; Izquierdo, Daniel R.
2019Integrated genomic epidemiology and phenotypic profiling of Clostridium difficile across intra-hospital and community populations in ColombiaMuñoz, Marina; Restrepo Montoya, Daniel; Kumar, Nitin; Iraola, Gregorio; Camargo, Milena; Díaz Arévalo, Diana; Roa Molina, Nelly S.; Tellez, Mayra A.; Herrera, Giovanny; Ríos Chaparro, Dora I.; Birchenall, Claudia; Pinilla, Dario; Pardo Oviedo, Juan M.; Rodríguez Leguizamón, Giovanni; Josa, Diego F.; Lawley, Trevor D.; Patarroyo, Manuel A.; Ramírez, Juan David
2019Mismatch between perceived family and individual chronotype and their association with sleep-wake patternsPereira-Morales, Angela J.; Adan, Ana; Casiraghi, Leandro P.; Camargo, Andrés
2019Psychological distress among undergraduate medical students: the influence of excessive daytime sleepiness and family functioningPereira Morales, Angela J.; Camargo, Andrés
2019Prevalence of distal medial striatal artery in a sample of colombian and peruvian populationsSanabria Pinilla, K.D.; Quijano Blanco, Yobany; Huayta Alarcón, Vladimir A.
2019Heart rate variability, salivary cortisol and competitive state anxiety responses during pre-competition and pre-training momentsSouza, Renato A.; Beltran, Oscar A. B.; Zapata, Diana M.; Silva, Elisângela; Freitas, Wagner Z.; Junior, Rubens V.; da Silva, Fabiano F.; Higino, Wonder P.
2019Nature of the Active Sites of Molybdenum-Based Catalysts and Their Interaction with Sulfur- and Nitrogen-Containing Molecules Using the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules and the Molecular Electrostatic PotentiaAray, Yosslen
2019Structural and interfacial properties of the CO2-in-water foams prepared with sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS): A molecular dynamics simulation studyParra, José G.; Domínguez, Héctor; Aray, Yosslen; Iza, Peter; Zarate, Ximena; Schott, Eduardo