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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Anxiety symptomatology, sex and chronotype: The mediational effect of diurnal sleepinessPereira Morales, A.J.; Adan, A.; Bussi, I.L.; Camargo, A.
20183D rendering as a tool for cardiac anatomy learning in medical studentsCasallas, A.; Quijano, Y.
2018On the evolution and function of Plasmodium vivax reticulocyte binding surface antigen (pvrbsa)Camargo Ayala, P.A; Garzón Ospina, D.; Moreno Pérez, D.A.; Ricaurte Contreras, L.A.; Noya, O.; Patarroyo, M.A.
2018Effects of catecholamines on secretion of interferon tau and expression of genes for synthesis of polyamines and apoptosis by ovine trophectodermElmetwally, M.A; Lenis, Y.; Tang, W.; Wu, G.; Bazer, F.W.
2018Cryptosporidium spp. CP15 and CSL protein-derived synthetic peptides’ immunogenicity and in vitro seroneutralisation capabilityAvendaño C.; Jenkins M.; Méndez Callejas G.; Oviedo J.; Patarroyo M.A.; Sánchez Acedo C.
2018Apparent origin of glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves: An aspect to consider in human neuroanatomy teachingDuque, Jorge Eduardo; Quijano Blanco, Yobany; Barco, John; Peralta, Edison
2018Micro-epidemiology of mixed-species malaria infections in a rural population living in the Colombian Amazon regionCamargo, Milena; Soto De León, Sara C.; Del Río Ospina, Luisa; Páez, Asrtid C.; González, Zanony; González, Edgardo.; Cubides, Juan R.; Camargo Ayala, Paola A.; Patarroyo, Manuel E.; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
2018Plasmodium vivax Pv12 B-cell epitopes and HLA-DRβ1-dependent T-cell epitopes in vitro antigenicityYepes Pérez, Y.; López, C.; Suárez, C.F.; Patarroyo, M.A.
2018Association of HIV status with infection by multiple HPV typesCamargo, Milena; Del Río Ospina, Luisa; Soto-De León, Sara Cecilia; Sánchez, Ricardo Andrea; Pineda Peña, Clemencia; Sussmann, Otto; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso
2018Plasmodium vivax in vitro continuous culture: The spoke in the wheelBermúdez, M.; Moreno Pérez, D.A.; Arévalo Pinzón, G.; Curtidor, H.; Patarroyo, M.A.