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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Species richness and indices of abundance of medium-sized mammals in andean forest and reforestations with andean alder: a preliminary analysisSánchez, Francisco; Sánchez-Palomino, Pedro; Cadena, Alberto
2016Foraging behavior of Zonotrichia capensis (Passeriformes: Emberizidae) and patch value in young live fences in the Bogotá high plateauTellez Farfán, Lorena; Sánchez, Francisco Alejandro
2018Genetic uniqueness of Cryptosporidium parvum from dairy calves in ColombiaAvendaño, Catalina; Ramo, Ana; Vergara Castiblanco, Claudia; Sánchez Acedo, Caridad; Quílez, Joaquín
2018Cultural significance of the flora of a tropical dry forest in the Doche vereda (Villavieja, Huila, ColombiaRosero Toro, Jeison Herley; Romero Duque, Luz Piedad; Santos Fita, Dídac; Ruan Soto, Felipe
2019Trees and shrubs of the tropical dry forest of the Magdalena river upper watershed (Colombia)Romero Duque, Luz Piedad; Rosero Toro, Jesion H.; Fernández Lucero, Mateo; Simbaqueba Gutierrez, Andrea; Pérez, Caterinne
2016Ability of care and care burden in family caregivers of people with chronic illnessCarreño Moreno, Sonia Patricia; Barreto Osorio, Ruth Vivian; Durán Parra, Myriam; Ortiz, Tamara Vilma; Romero, Elizabeth
2020Breeding biology of porphyriops melanops bogotensis (Gruiformes, rallidae) an endemic and endangered subspecies from the northern andesCastro Vargas, Fernando; Rosselli, Loreta
2020Presence of antibodies against Rotavirus in semi-technical pig farms in Cundinamarca, ColombiaPulido Villamarín, Adriana; Castañeda Salazar, Rubiela; Mendez Carranza, Kelly Johana; Santamaría Durán, Astrid Natalia; Carrascal Camacho, Ana Karina; Cubillos Azcárate, Ricardo; Zambrano Moreno, Corina
2019Occurrence and molecular characterization of Giardia duodenalis in child population from ColombiaAvendaño, Catalina; Ramo, Ana; Vergara Castiblanco, Claudia; Bayona, Martín; Velasco Benitez, Carlos Alberto; Sánchez Acedo, Caridad; Quílez, Joaquín
2015Abundance and reproduction of Porphyriops melanops in a suburban artificial wetland in Bogotá, ColombiaSánchez, F.; Casallas, M.; Bobadilla, G.