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    • Dehydrated citrus pulp in broiler diets 

      Diaz Vargas, Mayra; Murakami, Alice Eiko; Pintro Matumoto, Paula Toshimi; Ospina Rojas, Ivan Camilo; de Souza, Caio Henrique; Eyng, Cinthia (2019)
      The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of citrus pulp in diet for broilers on weight of gastrointestinal organs, intestinal morphometry, and quality and lipid oxidation of broiler meat during the storage ...
    • Glycerol: Dietary supplement and response in dairy cattle 

      Nivia Osuna, Alexander; Ramírez Peña, Alejandra; Porras Sánchez, Claudia Jineth; Marentes Barrantes, Diana Lorena (2020)
      821 Glicerol: suplemento alimenticio y su respuesta en bovinos de leche1Glycerol: dietary supplement and response in dairy cattleAlexander Nivia-Osuna2, Alejandra Ramírez-Peña2, Claudia Jineth Porras-Sánchez2, ...