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    • Plasmodium falciparum pre-erythrocytic stage vaccine development 

      Molina Franky, Jessica; Cuy Chaparro, Laura; Camargo, Anny; Reyes, César; Gómez, Marcela; Salamanca, David Ricardo; Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin (2020)
      Worldwide strategies between 2010 and 2017 aimed at controlling malarial parasites (mainly Plasmodium falciparum) led to a reduction of just 18% regarding disease incidence rates. Many biologically-derived anti-malarial ...
    • What Is Known about the Immune Response Induced by Plasmodium vivax Malaria Vaccine Candidates? 

      López, Carolina; Yepes Pérez, Yoelis; Hincapie Escobar, Natalia; Díaz-Arévalo, Diana; Patarroyo, Manuel A. (2017)
      Malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax continues being one of the most important infectious diseases around the world; P. vivax is the second most prevalent species and has the greatest geographic distribution. Developing an ...