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    • Functionally relevant proteins in Plasmodium falciparum host cell invasion 

      Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Alba, Martha Patricia; Rojas Luna, Rocío; Bermúdez, Adriana; Aza-Conde, Jorge (Bogotá : Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales, 2017, 2017)
      A totally effective, antimalarial vaccine must involve sporozoite and merozoite proteins (or their fragments) to ensure complete parasite blocking during critical invasion stages. This Special Report examines proteins ...
    • In vitro biomechanical analysis of the desmotomy of the suspensory navicular ligaments of the equine 

      Gaona Urueña, Leonardo; Oliveros Wilches, Daniel I.; León González, Jorge Alexander (2018)
      The objective of this study was to design a biomechanical model of the equine digit and its use in the in vitro analysis of the desmotomy of the suspensory ligaments of the navicular. Ten orthopedically healthy anterior ...