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    • Neotropical ornithology: Reckoning with historical assumptions, removing systemic barriers, and reimagining the future 

      Soares, Letícia; Cockle, Kristina L.; Ruelas Inzunza, Ernesto; Ibarra, José Tomás; Miño, Carolina Isabel; Zuluaga, Santiago; Bonaccorso, Elisa; Ríos-Orjuela, Juan Camilo; Montaño-Centellas, Flavia A; Freile, Juan F; Echeverry-Galvis, María A.; Bonaparte, Eugenia Bianca; Diele-Viegas, Luisa Maria; Speziale, Karina; Cordoba-Cordoba, Sergio (2023-02)
      A major barrier to advancing ornithology is the systemic exclusion of professionals from the Global South. A recent special feature, Advances in Neotropical Ornithology, and a shortfalls analysis therein, unintentionally ...