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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing Peptide Binding to MHC II: An Accurate Semiempirical Quantum Mechanics Based ProposalOrtiz Mahecha, Carlos A.; Bohórquez, Hugo Javier; Agudelo, William A., et al
2019Comparative genomics identifies potential virulence factors in Clostridium tertium and C. paraputrificumMuñoz, Marina; Restrepo Montoya, Daniel; Kumar, Nitin, et al
2017Critical role of HLA-DRb* binding peptides' peripheralflankingresidues in fully-protective malaria vaccine developmentReyes, César; Rojas-Luna, Rocío; Aza-Conde, Jorge, et al
2017Critical role of HLA-DRβ* binding peptides' peripheral flanking residues in fully-protective malaria vaccine developmentReyes, Cesar; Rojas Luna, Rocío; Aza Conde, Jorge, et al
2020From a basic to a functional approach for developing a blood stage vaccine against Plasmodium vivaxPatarroyo, Manuel A.; Arevalo Pinzon, Gabriela; Moreno Pérez, Darwin Andrés
2020Identifying the HLA DRB1-DQB1 molecules and predicting epitopes associated with high-risk HPV infection clearance and redetectionDel Río Ospina, Luisa; Camargo, Milena; Soto De León, Sara Cecilia, et al
2020Inferring Plasmodium vivax protein biology by using omics dataMoreno Pérez, Darwin Andrés; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
2019Integrated genomic epidemiology and phenotypic profiling of Clostridium difficile across intra-hospital and community populations in ColombiaMuñoz, Marina; Restrepo Montoya, Daniel; Kumar, Nitin, et al
2020Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II (DRB3) Genetic Diversity in Spanish Morucha and Colombian Normande Cattle Compared to Taurine and Zebu PopulationsBohórquez, Michel David; Ordoñez, Diego; Suárez, Carlos F., et al
2020Malaria: Paving the way to developing peptide-based vaccines against invasion in infectious diseasesReyes, César; Molina Franky, Jessica S.; Aza Conde, Jorge, et al
2018Micro-epidemiology of mixed-species malaria infections in a rural population living in the Colombian Amazon regionCamargo, Milena; Soto De León, Sara C.; Del Río Ospina, Luisa, et al
2018Plasmodium vivax in vitro continuous culture: The spoke in the wheelBermúdez, Maritza; Moreno Pérez, Darwin Andrés; Arévalo Pinzón, Gabriela, et al
2018Plasmodium vivax Pv12 B-cell epitopes and HLA-DRβ1-dependent T-cell epitopes in vitro antigenicityYepes Pérez, Yoelis; López, Carolina; Suárez, Carlos F., et al
2019Preliminary Evaluation of the Safety and Immunogenicity of an Antimalarial Vaccine Candidate Modified Peptide (IMPIPS) Mixture in a Murine ModelLambraño, Jennifer; Curtidor, Hernando; Avendaño, Catalina, et al
2017Semi-empirical quantum evaluation of peptide – MHC class II bindingGonzález, Ronald; Suárez, Carlos F.; Bohórquez, Hugo J., et al
2020Shorter antibacterial peptide having high selectivity for e. Coli membranes and low potential for inducing resistanceBarreto Santamaría, Adriana; Rivera Monroy, Zuly Jenny; García Castañeda, Javier Eduardo, et al
2018Specific β-turns precede PPIIL structures binding to allele-specific HLA-DRβ1* PBRs in fully-protective malaria vaccine componentsBermudez, Adriana; Alba, Martha p.; Vanegas, Magnolia, et al
2020Strong -LAMP Assay Based on a Strongyloides spp.-Derived Partial Sequence in the 18S rRNA as Potential Biomarker for Strongyloidiasis Diagnosis in Human Urine SamplesFernández Soto, Pedro; Celis Giraldo, Carmen Teresa; Collar Fernandez, Coralina, et al
2016TCR-contacting residues orientation and HLA-DRβ* binding preference determine long-lasting protective immunity against malariaAlba, Martha P.; Suarez, Carlos F.; Varela, Yahson, et al
2018The in vitro antigenicity of Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 2 (PvRON2) B- and T-epitopes selected by HLA-DRB1 binding profileLópez, Carolina; Yepes Pérez, Yoelis; Díaz Arévalo, Diana, et al