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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Conserved binding regions provide the clue for peptide-based vaccine development: A chemical perspectiveCurtidor, Hernando; Reyes, César; Bermúdez, Adriana; Vanegas, Magnolia; Varela, Yahson; Patarrollo, Manuel Elkin
2020Evaluating the immunogenicity of chemically-synthesised peptides derived from foot-and-mouth disease VP1, VP2 and VP3 proteins as vaccine candidatesAvendaño, Catalina; Celis Giraldo, Carmen Teresa; Ordóñez, Diego; Díaz Arévalo, Diana; Rodríguez Habibe, Ibett; Oviedo, Jairo; Curtidor, Hernando; García Castiblanco, Sebastián
2018Plasmodium vivax in vitro continuous culture: The spoke in the wheelBermúdez, Maritza; Moreno Pérez, Darwin Andrés; Arévalo Pinzón, Gabriela; Curtidor, Hernando; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
2019Preliminary Evaluation of the Safety and Immunogenicity of an Antimalarial Vaccine Candidate Modified Peptide (IMPIPS) Mixture in a Murine ModelLambraño, Jennifer; Curtidor, Hernando; Avendaño, Catalina; Díaz Arévalo, Diana; Roa, Leonardo; Vanegas, Magnolia; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Patarroyo, Manuel A.
2018Self-assembling functional programmable protein array for studying protein-protein interactions in malaria parasitesArévalo Pinzón, Gabriela; González González, María; Suárez, Carlos Fernando; Curtidor, Hernando; Carabias Sánchez, Javier; Muro, Antonio; LaBaer, Joshua; Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso; Fuentes, Manuel
2020Sexual forms obtained in a continuous in vitro cultured Colombian strain of Plasmodium falciparum (FCB2)Ararat Sarria, Monica; Prado, Cesar Camilo; Camargo, Milena; Ospina, Laura Tatiana; Camargo, Paola Andrea; Curtidor, Hernando; Patarroyo, Manuel Alfonso
2020Shorter antibacterial peptide having high selectivity for e. Coli membranes and low potential for inducing resistanceBarreto Santamaría, Adriana; Rivera Monroy, Zuly Jenny; García Castañeda, Javier Eduardo; Curtidor, Hernando; Patarroyo, Manuel Elkin; Patarroyo, Manuel A.; Arevalo Pinzon, Gabriela