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    • Application of proteomic to investigate the different degrees of meat tenderness in Nellore breed 

      Malheiros, J. M.; Enriquez Valencia, Cruz Elena; Braga, Camila Pereira; Vieira, José Cavalcante Souza; Vieira, D. S.; Pereira, Guilherme Luis; Curi, Rogerio Abdallah; Machado Neto, Otávio; Oliveira, H. N.; Padilha, Pedrode Magalhães; Chardulo, Luis Artur (2021)
      This study describes the association between meat tenderness and abundance of soluble muscle proteins in Nellore bulls (Bos indicus) using a proteomic approach. We evaluated shear force (SF) of Longissimus thoracis muscle ...
    • Carcass and meat quality of Nellore cattle (Bos taurus indicus) belonging to the breeding programs 

      Malheiros, Jéssica Moraes; Enriquez Valencia, Elena; Silva Josineudson, Augusto Ii Vasconcelos; De Oliveira, Henrique; Curi, Rogerio Abdallah; Albuquerque, L. G.; Chardulo, Luis Artur (2020)
      The objective of this study was to estimate and describe phenotypic traits for carcass and meat quality in Nellore cattle belonging to the breeding programs. Data from 718 Nellore animals participated in the Delta Gen, CRV ...