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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Association of HIV status with infection by multiple HPV typesCamargo, Milena; Del Río Ospina, Luisa; Soto-De León, Sara Cecilia, et al
2019Behavior and abundance of Anopheles darlingi in communities living in the Colombian Amazon riversidePrado, César Camilo; Alvarado Cabrera, Luis Antonio; Camargo Ayala, Paola Andrea, et al
2020Identifying the HLA DRB1-DQB1 molecules and predicting epitopes associated with high-risk HPV infection clearance and redetectionDel Río Ospina, Luisa; Camargo, Milena; Soto De León, Sara Cecilia, et al
2019Integrated genomic epidemiology and phenotypic profiling of Clostridium difficile across intra-hospital and community populations in ColombiaMuñoz, Marina; Restrepo Montoya, Daniel; Kumar, Nitin, et al
2018Micro-epidemiology of mixed-species malaria infections in a rural population living in the Colombian Amazon regionCamargo, Milena; Soto De León, Sara C.; Del Río Ospina, Luisa, et al
2017Multiple high-risk HPV genotypes are grouped by type and are associated with viral load and risk factorsDel Río-Ospina, Luisa; Soto de León, Sara Cecilia; Camargo, Milena, et al
2020Sexual forms obtained in a continuous in vitro cultured Colombian strain of Plasmodium falciparum (FCB2)Ararat Sarria, Monica; Prado, Cesar Camilo; Camargo, Milena, et al
2020Strong -LAMP Assay Based on a Strongyloides spp.-Derived Partial Sequence in the 18S rRNA as Potential Biomarker for Strongyloidiasis Diagnosis in Human Urine SamplesFernández Soto, Pedro; Celis Giraldo, Carmen Teresa; Collar Fernandez, Coralina, et al
2016The prevalence of high-risk HPV types and factors determining infection in female colombian adolescentsRíos Ospina, Luisa; Soto de León, Sara Cecilia; Camargo, Milena, et al