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    • SM-COLSARSPROT: Highly Immunogenic Supramutational Synthetic Peptides Covering the World’s Population 

      Patarroyo, Manuel-Alfonso; Patarroyo, Manuel-Elkin; Pabón, Laura; Alba, Martha patricia; Bermudez, Adriana; Rugeles, María Teresa; Diaz-Arevalo, Diana; Zapata, Wildeman; Zapata, María Isabel; Reyes, César; Suarez, Carlos F.; Agudelo, William (2022)
      Fifty ~20–amino acid (aa)–long peptides were selected from functionally relevant SARS-CoV-2 S, M, and E proteins for trial B-21 and another 53 common ones, plus some new ones derived from the virus’ main genetic variants ...